Coba Ruins

The Mayan Coba ruins are located in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and boast the tallest Mayan temple in southern Mexico. Reaching some 12 stories into the air the temple is still open for climbing to the general public. The Coba ruins site is a large one and has Mayan sacabe's (roads) leading off to other Mayan ruin sites. Coba tours are a great day tour from Cancun (but 3 hours by bus each way!) or Tulum (45 minutes one way).

Coba Temple Coba Ruin Coba Passage Coba Ballcourt Coba Coba Stela Outline

From the left: 1) Coba boasts the tallest Mayan temple in sothern Mexico, here you can see tourists on their hands and knees climbing up to the top. 2) The entrance temple at Coba. 3) A passageway under a construction by the main temple. 4) Coba wouldn't be a proper Mayan ruin site without a ballcourt. 5) A closeup in front of the main temple. 6) Depiction of Stela 1 featuring the date (pictures of the acutal carving are not very legible)